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CWT Singapore is the headquarters for the Asia Pacific region. CWT has one main site in Singapore, with over 200 employees.


Main Office

600 North Bridge Road
Parkview Square #07-01
Phone: +65 6220 2228 
Fax: +65 6226 3727 

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We hire people based on their abilities and experience. We’re proud to be an equal opportunities employer.


"We have a very multi-cultural and dynamic team. This not only helps us see the bigger picture, but also view the company from different angles. We are like-minded and very goal-orientated – I think this is what makes our team exceptional! "


Alvan Aiau, Vice President Global Sales & Program Management, Asia Pacific



We hire people on merit with employment decisions based on specific knowledge, skills and other abilities related to how well someone can fulfill a job role. Our decisions about who to hire and what salary to offer aren’t related to age, race, nationality, gender, religion, family status or disability – only on the job that needs doing and the candidate’s level of experience and ability.


Performance management

We have a merit-based performance system that gives all employees regular and consistent performance feedback from their supervisors.


Career opportunities, development & progression

Available jobs are always posted internally so that employees can apply for new roles at their current level or above. We aim to promote people internally as much as possible and offer career development opportunities for every employee.

We value talent and recognize employees with excellent performance. Employees with high potential and performance that exceeds expectations are identified by our talent review process. 


Training & learning

Every employee is responsible for their own career and development. We want to make sure all our people are provided with the learning experience, knowledge and skills they need to perform to their full potential in their roles. We have a multi-pronged, structured training & development program, as well as instructor-led training, we offer on-the-job coaching and online modules via CWT University, our online learning portal.


Rewards & recognition

We’ve developed a wide range of rewards and recognition programs to recognize employees’ outstanding efforts as much as possible – for example, our GEM Award, a regional recognition program, recognizes truly outstanding performance and behavior that is aligned with the company's global core values.

Employee Support Benefit

We have schemes to support employees’ personal and family needs (examples include medical insurance, health & wellness program and corporate discounts).  


"CWT is committed to excellence, cultural diversity, and integrity."


Ameerah Omar Talib, Travel Consultant, Singapore


Our commitment to fair employment practice

Fair employment & inclusion is an integral part of our company culture. We signed the Employers’ Pledge in July 2008 under the auspices of the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices, and we are continually seeking to put in place sustainable strategies to create an inclusive workplace for all our employees. 


We aim to be an organization where all employees respect and use each other’s talents, knowledge experience and ideas to achieve their full potential and contribute to CWT’s success.

All supervisors and managers in CWT Singapore have collectively signed a pledge and are committed to adopting fair employment practices. Our aim is to make CWT a great place to work.


Workplace Health Program

We believe that employee well-being and a healthy workforce are essential to our business. We promote healthy living, and empower every employee to take ownership of their health. As part of our Workplace Health Program, we:



  • Organize workplace health activities – physical activities, health talks, mental wellness talks, HealthLine – our hotline for health-related enquiries
  • Reward employees with no or minimal medical leave for their efforts to stay healthy
  • Provide employees with complimentary basic health screening
  • Provide an air sterilizer to improve air quality in the office
  • Regularly shampoo, sanitize carpets and office chairs
  • Provide a self-help health check corner in the office


Because of our culturally diverse workforce, we observe black-out periods where no employee activities take place, for example during Ramadan, and on the first day of the school term. This is to make sure all employees have equal opportunities to participate in the activities, which we believe helps to cultivate better employee relations and understanding.

Work-life integration

We offer part-time and flexible work arrangements to help employees balance their work with their personal lives and family obligations, like childcare, looking after sick parents or pursuing studies. 


Re-employment of mature employees

As an age-friendly organization, we’ve made a commitment to put in place the processes and systems required to re-employ employees who have reached their retirement age. We value suitable and qualified mature employees as a ready source of quality manpower.


All qualified employees beyond the age of 62 years are considered for re-employment, provided they are medically fit to continue working, and their past performance is assessed to meet work performance expectation or above.

We do not adopt the downward salary adjustment (as allowed in the Employment Act) in the offer of re-employment to employees, or when hiring them into new positions. Instead, we remunerate all employees based on the value of their work and taking into account their relevant experience and other attributes – regardless of age.

Our programs to assist mature employees include: 


  • Job counseling to help mature employees see the benefit of staying employed and active, and encouraging them to be flexible and adaptable
  • Re-employment: Equipping and Developing Yourself (READYTM) program – a training course for mature employees
  • Part-time / flexible work arrangements


Diversity awareness training

Our Workplace Diversity policy recognizes that all employees have different qualities, skills, qualifications, experiences and attitudes, and that valuing and making the most of these can improve the workplace for individuals, as well as enhancing the overall performance of the company. 

All employees, including new hires, are trained in diversity awareness through CWT University, our online training portal.