Mehmet Eren Aktop

Sales & business performance lead, Traveler Experience


"There are many reasons to be proud of CWT, as this is the company that shapes the travel industry. The cultural diversity, team work and the innovative spirit are why I am most proud to work at CWT. CWT is the most innovative company in terms of the solutions we provide to our customers. In my opinion CWT’s uniqueness comes from us bringing innovative solutions and technologies together with excellent customer service. 

Team work, team work and team work! We have an excellent Traveler Services and Program Management team working together to provide the best customer experience to our customers. 

CWT is the global leader as we make impossible possible, and we deliver our service under all circumstances, in other words we are the most reliable partner for our clients. 


CWT is definitely an open and respectful environment. We have cultural diversity globally and we are working in a great harmony, which in my opinion shows how open and respectful our environment is. All employees at CWT have an impact to the success of our organization. I am a member of the Traveler Services family, therefore, my team and I are the voice of CWT and we are the flag holders at the front line.


I have been a Traveler Services Manager for over a year. Thanks to my team and colleagues, I have been very welcomed, which made my adaptation to the organization quicker. As a Manager, my main objective is to make sure our customers and employees are happy! Every day is a new excitement when you are dealing with operations. However, what excites me the most is the interaction with our customers and the people management responsibilities that I have. Communication is the key in operations. 

I can grow at CWT and there are plenty of examples and real life stories of success and growth within this company, especially the journey of our key leaders. They set a great example.


People work well together at CWT. Team work is the key to success and this area is one of the strengths of CWT.


The day I joined CWT I gathered my team to have a ‘get together’ session. I explained to my team that I am here to work with them and to help them take a further step in their career path. I am so proud that some of my team members have already taken further steps in their careers and are holding very key roles in the organization. Don’t hesitate, come and be a member of our family!"

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