Tim Switzer

Program Manager, Military & Government


Our people are what make our company unique. CWT hires those who are the right fit for the organization and I’ve been fortunate to work with excellent colleagues over the years.


I look forward to coming to work every day, in large part due to the team I work with. I believe that the family environment and sense of commitment to common goals is stronger within CWT than at other companies.


I am currently a director of program management for CWT’s military and government markets. In this role, I’m responsible for all aspects of program management for multiple federal agencies as well as for our group travel service, including our E2 Solutions program, online authorization and expense reporting product. I serve as the presenter for many of our E2 Solutions product demonstrations. My current role gives me the opportunity to facilitate the relationship between CWT and senior officials at multiple federal agencies.


Both in my career and in those of my peers, I’ve seen CWT recognize performance and effort. CWT makes a lot of opportunities available and demonstrates a commitment to promote from within; the most successful employees are the ones who are prepared to take opportunities when they are presented.


I’d say my career at CWT is a perfect example of the opportunities available within this company. I started off as a senior travel counselor at the Pentagon. During my career I’ve worked as the supervisor and manager of the Pentagon offices, senior branch manager of our military & government call center, and as a program manager serving a number of federal agencies. This shows that with a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, there is room for growth within the ranks.


I believe I make an impact at CWT every day because I am empowered to make decisions on behalf of the company and my clients. My job allows me the opportunity to have direct daily communication with client program managers.


And that leads me onto what I’m most proud of - CWT’s commitment to our customers. CWT places a strong emphasis on customer service, which has paid off over the years in the military and government market, we are often recognized as a company that provides excellent customer service. It makes it easy to promote our services to potential clients as I believe wholeheartedly in the commitment that we have to them.


I enjoy the challenge of determining how best to respond to client inquiries and help solve problems at the program management level. The close interpersonal relationships within the military & government team are probably the one thing I’ve enjoyed the most throughout the years. The word "team" accurately describes every position that I’ve held at CWT.


My best career advice is to take your job seriously but not take yourself too seriously. A big part of establishing a positive work environment is having the leeway to have a little fun.

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