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Our people. Our priority

At CWT, we understand that our greatest assets are our employees. We believe in making the most of their talent, and some of the ways in which we cultivate our people’s potential are through career progression, cross-functional moves, and, thanks to our global presence, international mobility. Because our people are our top priority, they’re also our best ambassadors. We don’t need you to take our word for it – explore the stories below to learn about our employees’ first-hand.


Meet some of our employees and discover their stories

Our people - Petra

Petra - Germany

It really means a lot to me to be part of a performance-driven organization, and to achieve strong results - through responsibility, leadership, teamwork and....

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Our people - Cedric

Cedric - France

During the last 9 years, CWT has enabled me to grow into a lot of different positions, from managing clients as a consultant, to managing a team and a client portfolio....

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Our people - Amita

Amita - USA

Amita started at CWT as a technical analyst, transforming IT operations. After just one year, she advanced to team lead and four years later, was promoted to a....

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Our people - Christian

Christian - Germany

I like the people at CWT – it doesn’t matter where I have been, I’ve met great, motivated colleagues who are supportive and do their best to make the customer....

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Our people - Rachid

Rachid - Morocco

Rachid’s career has developed since he started with CWT as a trainee in Montpellier, France. Rachid has spent more than 21 years at CWT, gaining experience in a variety....  

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Our people - Mel

Mel - Canada

The CWT value that is most important to me is integrity, because it demands truthfulness and honesty. To me, integrity is fundamental to all of the other CWT....

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Our people - Erica

Erica - USA

Erica started her CWT journey as an intern for Hotels Solution Group. After graduating, she joined the team on a permanent basis, progressing in six years to...

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Our people - Tony

Tony - UK

Tony initially joined CWT as a travel counselor, responsible for travel arrangements in a mixed account team. There, he found a passion for learning & development....

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Our people - Marine

Marine - France

Marine joined CWT as a business analyst in Australia, before moving back to France to take a consultant role. Since then, she has been promoted to director of CWT....

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Our people - Lukasz

Lukasz - UK

Lukasz joined the organization in 2007 as a junior business analyst at the CWT Reporting Centre of Excellence. He was promoted to senior business analyst....

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 Our people - Jae

Jae - USA

Jae joined CWT as a recruiter for frontline staff and has since advanced through several roles, to her current position of HR Director.

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Our people - Elis

Elis - Singapore

Elis joined the organization as a hotel senior consultant within CWT Solutions Group, responsible for managing Hotel RFP and Spend Optimization. He was....

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Our people - Jason

Jason - USA

Our people is what I like most at CWT - the company does an amazing job of recruiting and retaining positive, diverse and driven employees. CWT also....  

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Meet our people - Alexandre

Alexandre - USA

Alexandre initially joined CWT as a senior consolidation analyst, based in Paris. He was thrilled to later have the opportunity to move to Minneapolis...

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Meet our people - Laure

Laure - France

Laure joined CWT as a finance analyst in Financial Planning and Analysis team, based in France. Since then, she has progressed through a variety of roles...

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meet our people - Morgan

Morgan - France

Morgan joined CWT as HR director for EMEA and Global HQ. His scope has evolved almost every year since then, taking him to his current role, in which he is part of the...

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meet our people - Elsa

Elsa - France

Elsa originally joined CWT as a senior consultant in hotel practice for our Solutions Group team. Since that time, she has held six different roles within the organization...

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meet our people - Olivier

Olivier - France

Olivier joined CWT looking to combine his HR and communication experience with his creative abilities. Two years later, he was offered the opportunity to lead the...

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Meet our people - Jie

Jie (Sylvia) - France

Jie started with CWT as an intern business analyst, doing competitive intelligence and market research for the Business Intelligence team. After...

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Meet our people: Jeremy

Jeremy - USA

Drawn to CWT's open and welcoming culture, Jeremy initially joined the company as director of Compliance for the Americas. Two years later, he...

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Meet our people - Eric

Eric - China

Eric joined CWT China in March 2017, as a training manager for HR after 10 years in operations in another TMC. In August 2017, he had the opportunity to...

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Meet our people - Kristen

Kristen - USA

Kristen joined the organization as a workforce coordinator in operations in 2005, managing forecasting and staffing for our contact center in Houston...

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Meet our people - Karolina

Karolina - Poland

Karolina joined CWT in 2005 as a business travel counselor, based in Poland. Since then, she has progressed through a variety of roles...

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Meet our people - Guillaume

Guillaume - Spain

Guillaume joined CWT in 2006. After several years of experience in operational roles, leading online implementation with a customer management team, he was....

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Meet our people - Sophie

Sophie - France

Sophie started at CWT as an assistant in the hotel department (as it was at the time). Her scope later developed from regional to global, growing to become more....

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Meet our people - Isabelle

Isabelle - France

Isabelle began her career with CWT in 2005, as a lawyer for our French entity. Her role has grown and evolved greatly since then, giving her the opportunity to....

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Meet our people - Xiaohan

Xiaohan - France

Xiaohan joined CWT in Singapore in 2012, to support business lines across the Asia Pacific region. Her success in this position led to her being promoted in 2016, to....

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