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Director Data Products & Marketing - Solutions Group

I’m currently heading the Data Products & Marketing department for Solutions Group, which is the company’s global consulting division, specialized in travel & expense program optimization. My role is to lead the department’s innovation efforts and ensure that we stay ahead of the game, by designing and developing our new products and offerings, and leveraging big data and technology in line with our clients’ expectations.

One of our main objectives is to work on our digital transformation: our internal processes, client consultant deliveries and technology teams are in the process of being transitioned to web-based products and applications. Being able to lead this effort - and being supported accordingly - is a source of motivation & energy to transform the way we are delivering state of the art digital products to our clients.

I joined CWT 9 years ago, after my graduation from a business school, and started as a Business Analyst for CWT Solutions Group. I was looking for a role in the travel industry and was attracted by the size and global footprint of CWT. During my interviews, I immediately got a sense of energy, passion and entrepreneurship. I know now that my first impression was correct. During the last 9 years, CWT has enabled me to grow into a lot of different positions, from being a consultant and managing my clients, to a managerial role overseeing a team and a client portfolio, and finally to my current role in the product & innovation team.

At CWT, your role has an impact on the business and you have the freedom to initiate actions in an entrepreneurial mode/spirit. The people at CWT are all passionate, which is not only good for creating a great working ambiance, but also means being surrounded by people who are always striving to enhance products and provide the best services to its clients.

The CWT value that inspires me the most is passion. For me, work must be a way to express your interests and develop yourself. To be able to do so in the best conditions, the rest of the team and company must share the same attitude… Passion for your role and for the industry are needed to achieve and exceed your objectives! CWT is the company to work for if you want to have an impact while expressing your passion.

"Cedric joined the organization in 2011 as a Business Analyst for CWT Solutions Group, to work with our clients in optimizing their travel and expense spend. His time here has seen him grow into several different positions - from being a consultant and managing clients, to a managerial role overseeing consultants and a client portfolio, and finally, to his current role as a Director in the Product & Innovation team.”