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Senior Director, Traveler Experience

I’m senior director for TX in Northern Eastern Europe, taking care of TX operations in 15 countries in the Nordics, Eastern and Central Europe. My team and I do our outmost to deliver the perfect trip to our travelers, and to live the B2B4E principle.
My career with CWT began in 1999, with a position as a front line agent. I was looking for a new job in the travel industry, and a friend (who, incidentally, is still working with CWT) told me how great the company is.

Over the last 20 years, CWT has given me the chance to develop from an agent to a team leader, to manager of products & processes, and finally, to my current role as a TX director. During this time, I have worked with colleagues in many countries - including Austria, Ukraine and Ghana.

I like the people at CWT – it doesn’t matter where I have been, I’ve met great, motivated colleagues who are supportive and do their best to make the customer happy.

The continual change also appeals to me – for me personally, it’s been like working for 4 different companies over the years, rather than just one.

I believe that the CWT values need to be in the DNA of every employee - they are our compass to drive the company to success. As a passionate person, our value of “passion” is really close to my heart. You can put the best football/soccer players together as a group, but without passion and team spirit you will never win any trophies! For me, it is the same in ‘real life’ – it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, do it with passion and together as a team.

"Christian started at CWT in September 1999, as a front line agent in Germany. He was looking for a new job in the travel industry and a friend gave CWT a glowing recommendation. Over the last 20 years, Christian has had the opportunities to advance from agent, to team leader, to manager, and finally to his current role as a TX Director.”