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Manager, talent acquisition & learning

My current role is talent acquisition & learning manager in China, leading talent attraction and selection to make sure CWT hires the right employees and maintains the highest standards for its customers. I’m also responsible for employee learning, working with CWT China’s senior level managers in order to better implement learning and development strategies, so CWT can stay at the top of its game through its people’s skills in this digital era.

Prior to joining CWT in 2017, I worked in operations for one of our major competitors for over 10 years. However, as a leading company in the TMC industry, CWT had always been one of the enterprises that I had pursued in my career.

Apart from their reputation, what really attracted me to CWT was their values, which closely matched up with mine on a personal level. I had met some people who worked for CWT, and they all raved about how well they were treated and how the company felt like a family. Afterwards, when I became an employee myself, I felt the same way. I love working somewhere where I can have such a great relationship with my coworkers.

As a talent acquisition manager, there are opportunities on a daily basis to attract candidates and get to know them during interviews. I usually take advantage of this time to showcase our core company values and how they feed into our workplace culture. In the interests of both making a strong first impression, and getting an accurate impression of whether our interviewees are a good fit, we make sure the tenor of our interview style matches our company’s working style, and periodically reevaluate the questions we ask candidates, ensuring we can identify whether they are aligned with our values.

"Eric joined CWT China in March 2017, as a training manager for HR after 10 years in operations in another TMC. In August 2017, he had the opportunity to develop while leading both learning & talent acquisition, bringing recruitment in China fully under Eric’s management. ”