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Client director

My role as client director with CWT Energy, Resources & Marine (ERM) is to manage the global client relationship and team performance. This includes strategic ownership to help drive success for client initiatives, in addition to bringing innovation opportunities to their program, capturing savings, and overseeing operational performance, while managing costs and ensuring a strong duty of care for travelers.

I joined CWT in 2001 through the acquisition of TQ3Navigant and began my career as a front line counselor, taking reservations from travelers.  I advanced from that role into CWT Solutions Group as an Associate Consultant and spent 10 years within the team, managing a diverse portfolio of regional accounts and initiatives, while growing within the team career-wise.  In 2017, I was promoted into my current role as the client director within CWT ERM, managing a top oil and gas client globally.

Our people is what I like most at CWT - the company does an amazing job of recruiting and retaining positive, diverse and driven employees.  I believe that attitude and culture helps drive our results and successes, but they’re missing in many other workplaces. CWT also recognizes the personal development, hard work and client results from its team members and I have been fortunate enough to benefit from that, advancing in my career path as a result.

The CWT values of Leadership, Integrity, Passion and Caring are integral for people in our daily life and work. They are the touchstones that we all use to ensure we truly are present each day to deliver for the customers, internally and externally.  My passion and integrity for what I do is something I strive to demonstrate each day in my interactions with clients and colleagues, and genuinely caring about each other’s’ day-to-day challenges and successes helps to everyone together to achieve our objectives. This attitude also builds trust and makes sure people feel valued, which is important.

"Jason began his career with CWT in 2001, as a front line counselor taking reservations from travelers. He then moved to CWT Solutions Group (our consulting division) as an Associate Consultant and spent 10 years with that team, managing a diverse portfolio of regional accounts. In 2017, Jason was promoted to his current role as client director with CWT Energy, Resources & Marine, and now manages a top oil and gas client at a global level.”