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Director, ERM Customer Group

My current role is director, CWT Energy, Resources & Marine (ERM) Customer Group. I lead a team of client executives working with ERM customers to strategically manage their travel programs and deliver the best experience for their travelers.


I started working at CWT in 2005, as a workforce administrator in Houston, Texas. An acquaintance of mine had mentioned the job opening to me, so I gave it a shot! After just a few years in workforce management, I quickly moved into the customer organization and have been there ever since - growing from a business analyst, to a client executive, to client director and now director.

CWT is a large organization that provides great opportunities, and support for personal growth and advancement. The company’s emphasis on integrity is particularly important to me - in my opinion, it’s what drives the other CWT values of caring, leadership and passion. I will not achieve these values without keeping my integrity at the core of everything I do. My integrity is my brand, and so it is for CWT.

"Kristen joined the organization as a workforce coordinator in operations in 2005, managing forecasting and staffing for our contact center in Houston. After three years in that position, Kristen decided to move on to a client-facing role as a business analyst. Her career grew quickly over the following years, as she progressed from analyst, to client executive, to client director, and on to her current role.”