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Director, Software Engineering

My current role is Director of Software Engineering in Corporate Systems Development of Enterprise Information Technology. In short, I am responsible for the development, maintenance, and support of key global cloud systems such as CRM, HR core systems,  and Buzz, our social intranet. My team ensures systems operate securely and efficiently with the latest and greatest cloud solutions, in order to serve our business partners, our executive leadership, and our staff from all corners of the world.

Prior to joining CWT in 2016, I worked for one of our Canadian subsidiaries, Global Matrix, for over 21 years. At Global Matrix, I was the Director of Software Development and Architecture, responsible for mid and back office systems development, maintenance and support. My team was responsible for servicing travel agencies in North America and Canada, including CWT’s US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia commercial and leisure business, and its  Military & Government global business. Since joining CWT, my role has evolved from Solutions Architect to Director of Software Engineering, giving me the privilege, meanwhile, of building global teams from the ground up.

I enjoy the opportunities that CWT offers me on a daily basis to solve complex problems, to be part of a global team, to help others and to contribute to making our company the best digital travel management company in the world. I am truly grateful to CWT and its leadership team for giving me the opportunity to be part of this team.

The CWT value that is most important to me is integrity, because it demands truthfulness and honesty. To me, integrity is fundamental to all of the other CWT core values of caring, passion and leadership. With integrity, one can gain trust and respect from others and it is the foundation of strong success.

"Prior to joining CWT in 2016, Mel worked for one of the company’s Canadian subsidiaries as Director of Software Engineering and Architecture. In the last few years, his role has evolved, first to Solutions Architect, and then to Director of Software Engineering. He is currently responsible for the development, maintenance, and support of key global cloud systems such as CRM, HR core systems, and Buzz, our social intranet.”