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Manager, Traveler Experience

Hi, I’m Rachid and I’m CWT’s Traveler Experience manager here in Morocco. My role is to lead the TX teams in the market and implement the CWT transformation in line with the group’s global strategy. Meanwhile, on a daily basis, my work involves preparing the teams for the evolving role of the travel counselor in the heart of the digital transformation we are undergoing.

I started my career at CWT 21 years ago, as a trainee in Montpellier, in the south of France. I initially worked as leisure travel planner, then as a business travel counselor in Bordeaux from 2002. As my career at CWT evolved, I took on the positions of team leader, business expert and business analyst, before being promoted to take on this most recent challenge: joining the TX teams in Morocco as the manager of five sites and leisure agencies.

One of the best things about working for CWT is my colleagues - everywhere I’ve worked within the company, I have met the most fantastic people. Another aspect of my current job that I particularly like is being instrumental in creating a bridge between the front line and back office teams, and working together to bring the best of the business travel industry to our customers. Thanks to my background and my unique position at the center of our business chain, I have the opportunity to share my experience of our business with the local CWT teams, while working closely with our customers - something I really enjoy.

Both at work and in my personal life, it’s very important to me to lead by example. In the same way that our customers are not only business and transactions, our values are not only words to be memorized – they’re behaviors that we must put into practice every day, everywhere.

"Now TX Manager for Morocco, Rachid’s career has evolved since he started his career at CWT as trainee in Montpellier, France. Rachid has spent more than 21 years at CWT, gaining experience in a variety of roles and locations which has taken him to his current post in Casablanca.”