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Internships & apprenticeships

Our internships and apprenticeships give you the chance to gain experience in the business and find out more about yourself and your career goals. 


The Volunteer for International Experience Program (VIE)

If you’re a high-potential graduate under the age of 28, and a European Union citizen, you can gain valuable work experience with CWT through the Volunteer for International Experience (VIE) program.

Internship & apprenticeships

Our internships can provide you with a path to an exciting career. Doing an internship at CWT means discovering the world of business travel, being part of a professional team, and enjoying our unique culture.

It’s also a great opportunity to learn more about yourself, fine-tune your career goals, and even become a CWT employee. You’ll have an enriching experience in a truly multicultural environment.

How do CWT internships & apprenticeships work?
  • We offer attractive compensation and benefits, depending on your profile and on the internship scope.
  • We offer assignments from 2 to 12 months at global, regional or local level.
  • In all our functions: Meetings & Events, business travel operations, finance, human resources, marketing & communication and Consulting.


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The volunteer for International Experience (VIE) Program

We offer VIE schemes to high-potential graduates who are European Union citizens and under the age of 28. These assignments give young graduates & professionals an exceptional opportunity to spend 12 to 24 months acquiring job experience in a foreign country, and support their commitment to pursuing an international career. 

What we look for
We look for highly motivated graduates graduates from a recognized engineering, business school or university with an international mindset and a deep desire to learn and grow. Some experience working abroad is useful, fluency in English is essential, and knowledge of other relevant languages is an advantage.

About the VIE program
The VIE program gives young graduates & professionals the opportunity to work for subsidiaries of international companies abroad and offers:

  • Protective public law coverage for participants
  • Non-taxable payment based on the cost of living in the country concerned
  • International medical insurance protection
  • 2.5 days holiday each month
  • A 6 to 24-month contract
  • Worldwide opportunities anywhere in a country where the candidate is not a citizen

The contract is between the candidate and Ubifrance France, the official body in charge of managing the program.

Find out more about the VIE program on the Ubifrance website

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