Your recruitment journey @ CWT


The application process starts with you searching for a suitable position and applying online. We are committed to informing you and giving you feedback at any stage of the process.


Select the position you wish to apply for and complete your online application on our career website. If your profile fits, we will contact you within four weeks for a first interview.

You will be invited by one of our talent acquisition consultants for a competency-based interview. They will explore your motivation, background, suitability for the position and your fit with CWT. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions to better understand CWT and the role.


To complete our selection process and depending on the position, we use online assessments to evaluate your behavioral, technical or language competencies.



"I feel I really bring value as a recruiter when I’m interviewing and selecting candidates from different horizons. What is key is how they will succeed in the role and in our organization."


Fanny de Maleprade, HR Generalist France




Start your job search now!

For each position, we build a comprehensive selection process. Through the individuals you will meet at CWT, the interviews will give you a full picture of the position you have applied for, our company, and its culture. To learn more about you and your key competencies, our interviewers will ask you about your experiences and accomplishments. You will have the opportunity to ask us questions and learn more about CWT.


As a final stage in the selection, we will check your professional references after having obtained your consent to do so.




You have been selected for the position, have demonstrated that you would be a good fit with our culture and have a lot to offer to CWT.


We will make you the right offer for the position upon successful completion of a background check in accordance with local legal constraints and requirements.


"CWT provides opportunities for those with a proactive attitude and the desire for knowledge."


Kathy Altamar, Program Manager Colombia


Now your journey with CWT starts…

We ensure a smooth transition into your role with our onboarding process to set you on your way to success in your new role at CWT.



”I feel I belong to a family that gives me great personal and professional growth.”


Nancy Carolina Lizarazo Salamanca , Travel Counselor