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CWT is the #1 Travel Management company in India, where we have 9 offices employing over 1,200 people.

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Main Office

Centrum Plaza, 1st Floor 
Golf Course Road, Sector 53 
122003 Gurgaon, Haryana 
Phone: +91 124 4747000 
Fax: +91 124 4747001 

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In India, CWT:

  • Employs over 1,200 people across 6 offices (

    Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai)

  • Services more than 180 corporate clients
  • Deals with an equal mix of global and national businesses
  • Has been present in India since 2000
  • 100% CWT-owned business since 2008
  • Has a winning strategy – our top 20 customers have worked with us for an average of 9+ years
  • Has a highly engaged team – Employee Engagement Score of 86% in 2012


Career opportunities & progression

CWT strives for a motivated workforce. We hire the best talent, fitting people to jobs that match their qualifications, skills and personal qualities. We have a clearly defined and fair progression policy that helps employees advance their careers.


Career Progression grids have been designed and published for all the job functions. They provide all CWT India team members with a better understanding of the skills, competencies and experience they need to get into next-level roles or to move into other roles within the organization.


Internal vacancies

Available jobs are always posted internally so that employees can apply for new roles at their current level or above. We aim to promote people internally as much as possible and offer career development opportunities for every employee.


Talent review process

Employees with high potential and performance that exceeds expectations are identified by our talent review process. We give these people extended assignments and train them for promotion. This is also part of our succession planning strategy, where we prepare people for future leadership roles.


Development centers for in-house talent

Assessment centers are organized every 6 months to help high potential, front-line employees get an insight into the level of knowledge and competencies they need to be successful in supervisory roles.


Successful participants are given a plan with set timescales to allow them to develop the specific competencies they would need in next-level roles. The practice cultivates individual career planning ownership along with development of professional relationships, knowledge and skills of the participants. It also provides the organization with a ready pool of potential future leaders.


"CWT recognizes that our greatest assets are our employees.  Management has the highest respect for employees, and we are given the opportunities to develop within the company."

Reena Lekhi, Team Leader Traveler Services India


Buddy program

The Buddy program is a part of CWT Strategic People Priority, which is to drive superior performance by attracting, retaining and developing our talent. The Buddy program is intended to be one component of the overall orientation program that CWT offers to all new employees. The program assists new employees to integrate into CWT during their first three months. A buddy is assigned to all new employees to provide guidance and support with the aim to ensure they feel part of our organization.



Mentoring in CWT means developing our people and guiding them in their personal quest for growth through learning. It is a stimulating journey of self-discovery and development which provides opportunities for personal and professional fulfillment and achievement. The employee benefits from enhanced self-esteem, career advancement, job enrichment and motivation. Their self-development needs are met.