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Grow your future with us

We have a strong commitment to identifying and supporting talent and potential within our company.

We emphasize talent management within CWT, because we know it’s key to helping the company thrive in today’s and tomorrow’s competitive, complex environment. It also helps us meet our employees’ expectations to be successful, to develop and to enhance their career by offering meaningful roles based on  a good work-life balance. Find out more about our talent management approach to meet the business challenges of tomorrow.


Our talent review process
We aim to attract, develop and retain people with the right talents to help our business grow. As part of our talent management approach, we have developed a talent review process. We hold talent development reviews quarterly, identifying talent to promote to new roles. Additional we have anchored our people development practice into our annual performance management cycle as well.


360° assessment
Everyone in our talent pool is expected to do a 360° feedback survey on regular basis. They receive feedback from their managers, peers and subordinates as well. It’s a basic input for their individual development plans.


Identifying and developing a strong talent pipeline
Solid succession planning is a pre-requisite for building sustainable leadership bench strength. We are passionate about identifying and developing our own future leaders! We believe that a proven track record and sustainable, strong performance is essential when considering someone’s potential. Our global talent review process is an important enabler to give our people the opportunity to join the talent program, if they have the aspiration and the abilities.


Leadership development programs

Our programs guide leaders to the right development at the right time in their careers. Our talent development system includes a strong leadership development curriculum, early talent identification and international mobility. The programs also establish clear leadership expectations and give individuals the information they need to support their development, fuel sustained success, and prepare for the future.


"Talent Development is about how to bring the best out of people. With our talent management approach we aim to make CWT more successful in business performance and to make our employees more successful in their job by enabling them to unleash their potential."

Mark Karelse, VP HR, Customer organization


Your performance & recognition

Our people are our competitive advantage. Through local and corporate-level programs, we recognize your commitment and effort towards making CWT a successful company.

As a high-performance organization, we're always striving to improve the way we work by:

  • Setting targets and expectations that are aligned across the business
  • Fostering a positive culture of development and feedback
  • Assessing individual contributions to reward high performance and address low performance



"It feels great to be at a company that recognizes my work."

Renann Herminio Vacari, Operational Supervisor, Brazil

CWT’s performance management philosophy

We set out the route to your success at CWT. The regular dialog between you and your manager around performance are critical for your personal and professional development.

The CWT performance management approach aims to evaluate your past performance and set your performance and development/career plan for the future reward. We recognize your contribution to the success to CWT.


A yearly cycle of development & recognition

Managers meet with you mid-way through the year. It’s a chance to discuss how you’re progressing with your goals, how you’re achieving them, and what you need in terms of development and support in achieving those goals. It is also an opportunity to discuss your career development plan.


Your learning & leadership development

"There is a lot of support for people to grow and develop in their career."

Abdelhamid Bernoussi, General Manager, Morocco

We give our employees learning opportunities to help them improve their performance, adapt to change, and achieve real business results. Our collective success rests on our ability to grow our talents within our organization. Leadership skills, like all learning needs, continue to evolve and adapt to meet the changing conditions of our global marketplace.

Leadership compass

We have identified leadership success factors and what it takes to become a successful leader in CWT. Those factors are described in the Leadership Compass to help us “navigate” to what is most important for successful leadership at CWT. The Leadership Compass guides us towards stronger results as an organization, as managers and as individuals, and is summed up in five leadership success factors.


Carlson Wagonlit Travel is committed to providing learning that enable our employees to improve performance, adapt to change, and achieve business results. CWT University is the online place where your learning and development journey begins. It provides you access to all our training opportunities in one, easy-to-find online place. It offers individualized learning tracks which your supervisors can monitor and manage to support your career and development goals.

CWT University at a glance...

  • One centralized online site for training content
  • Can push or assign specific curriculum elements to an audience or group
  • Searchable catalog, making course information easy to locate
  • Gives flexibility around the timing and method of learning
  • Supports budget and schedule management to optimize the use of costs and time

Traveler services core curriculum

Travel Counselors are the largest population within CWT, and they play a key role in our overall performance. The Traveler Services Core Curriculum is our global training initiative, covering all Traveler Services employees worldwide. It consists of over 50 courses, rolled out in quarterly waves. It gives employees a common foundation, no matter where they are, what line of business or service configuration they work in.

Users can access updates and other details through CWT Buzz, our internal social network.



"CWT develops its employees, training and motivating them for the travel market"

Daniela Carmelita Anele, Supervisor, Traveler Services, Brazil

Operational excellence

We are committed to meeting travelers’ expectations for a high-quality booking experience, no matter where they call us.Our Operational Excellence initiative is designed to promote the behaviors, processes and leadership skills that will secure a sustainable future for us as the world’s best.

Operational Excellence is a formal program that analyzes our processes, tools and people to make sure we deliver the most effective, consistent and pleasant experience to every traveler. The program is built around a Model Business Travel Center, an “ideal site” that acts as a benchmark for CWT’s global standards.

The Operational Excellence process covers everything from a site’s staffing and leadership to its processes, training and client satisfaction levels. This helps us lower our operating costs as well as deliver the best service we can to our customers.

Benefits of the Operational Excellence program:

  • The best possible experience for travelers
  • Business growth
  • Fewer errors and payouts
  • Efficient and effective processes
  • Heightened employee satisfaction

"The Operational Excellence program helps drive out high service quality. It’s about focusing on world-class delivery and establishing a consistent standard baseline of performance across all sites, across all networks."

<Andrew Waller, Executive Vice President Global Business Transformation


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