Diversity & equal opportunities

Diversity & equal opportunities

As a global company, we recognize the importance of embracing the various cultures, customs and needs of our employees, customers and regional markets.

With 19,000 employees representing over 100 nationalities and different ways of life, we value the unique perspective our diverse workforce brings to our business. Through the diversity of our employees, we aim to reflect the richness of our global business environment.


"CWT is a very open workplace and allows people to be themselves. Diversity is one of the most engaging aspects of CWT's departments."

Jason Ellingson, Project Manager Hotel Solutions Group


CWT's Code of Business Ethics & Conduct confirms our commitment to recognizing and respecting people from different backgrounds and nationalities, and to leveraging their different perspectives in how we do business. On CWT Yammer, our internal social network, we have a Diversity & Inclusion group which is open for anyone to join.


Cultural diversity—and by extension, inclusiveness—is one of the six global core values for all employees. This guiding principle is part of how we conduct business every day, and includes:

  • Fostering respect and a team spirit in the workplace
  • Embracing the multicultural essence of the company, and using it to our advantage in our business
  • Providing equal opportunities to talented individuals
  • Offering equal access to job opportunities and training


These same values are reflected in our recruitment process, which is designed to not only select the most suitable candidates, but to adhere to all local regulations. This process also respects company policy regarding non-discrimination, equal opportunity and recruitment by competency.



"Retaining talent is our priority, regardless of race and culture."

Jessica Lim, Finance Director Southeast Asia & Hong Kong, Singapore