Responsible Business and Diversity

Leading by example



Our commitment to responsible business

CWT’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) – what we call Responsible Business (RB) – is so strong and deeply rooted that we are global leaders in the domain and have been ranked as EcoVadis Gold for three years running.

Our RB strategy focuses on the areas of greatest importance to CWT and our stakeholders. That’s why we engage with our employees, customers and suppliers on a regular basis, to help us decide which issues and opportunities to address and report on.


Diversity and inclusion at CWT

We take diversity and inclusion very seriously: every member of our global Talent Acquisition team has been trained on non-discrimination, and all members of our Executive Leadership team and Human Resources Leadership team have completed unconscious bias training. With a presence in 145 countries around the world and employees representing over 100 nationalities, we pride ourselves on being truly diverse. The many different backgrounds and experiences of our people are largely what make our culture so rich, and we value that enormously at CWT.

Fighting human trafficking

Responsible Business is such a wide-ranging topic, it can be hard to get to grips with what it looks like in practical terms. To help you get a better feel for what it means, here are three tangible examples of how we’re fighting human trafficking, one of our major human rights commitments:

  • Thorn Hackathon: In October 2019, we hosted a Hackathon at out Minnesota headquarters in support of Thorn, a non-profit which builds technology to protect children from sexual abuse.
  • Odanadi and Kranti: We work with Kranti School and Odanadi in India to raise awareness and forge vital connections with the goal of helping protect vulnerable women and children from sexual violence.
  • Roomit World Childhood Foundation campaign: In August 2019, we raised $100,000 for the World Childhood Foundation by donating $1 for every RoomIt booking made and completed with CWT.


Our Responsible Business domains

CWT is deeply committed to sustainability/corporate social responsibility (CSR), which we call Responsible Business. It is important to us that our strategy focuses on the areas of most importance to CWT and our stakeholders. To understand their views, we engage with our employees, customers and suppliers on a regular basis and consider their feedback when deciding on the issues and opportunities to address and report on.

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